Carroll Ray Lewis truly was “One of a Kind”.

This little incident happened when we were just growing boys.

Carroll Ray was always very resourceful. Like the time he got in a little trouble with the law over in Llano when we were about 16 or 17 and “he had lost his billfold”. Times were a lot more simple without computers and instant ID recognition. So for some reason when he didn’t show up for a court date, the Burnet Country Sheriff’s department showed up at my house to haul me to juvenile jail. Well, we did have the same last name !

I ratted him out because I’d heard of the incident and was able to tell them the names of the other people that had been caught with him. Once verified, the officer left and I went on about my day.

Carroll Ray laughed so dang hard the next time I saw him. He said “I gave it my best shot”.

Below is the FB link from when I first put this on in September 2018, so one can read the comments.

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