Christmas Eve Is Our Time To Have The Big Family Gathering

It was a joyous time at the Lewis Place yesterday. Almost everyone was here. We ate a grand feast of Prime Rib and much much more.

Afterward’s my good friend Sam said his goodbyes, as he had other commitments.

Then we all gathered in the living room to open presents. Suddenly there was a commotion at the front door. In walked Santa. After greeting each of the kiddos he took his place in an arm chair to have a picture made with all the kids. At least all the little kids.

A little later, 5 year old Sofia came over to me and announced that that wasn’t really Santa, that it was Mister Sam. I assured her that I was pretty sure it was Santa.

A few minutes later she came back to me grinning and said “it’s really Mister Sam, because his pickup is still parked outside”.

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