Reflecting Back To An Incident Over Fifty Years Ago

I started thinking back to a time when I was just a know-it-all kid. I had just graduated from high school and The Dean Word Company had just opened up the quarry out north of Marble Falls. My friend Pat Henry was working there and suggested that maybe I could come out and get hired on running a loader.

By that time had been operating loaders for at least 6 years, maybe stretch that to 7. When I got there I met with a Mr. Green I think his name was. He was the plant manager. I’m sure when he looked at this fresh faced skinny kid with a huge ego, telling him about his years of experience may have helped in his decision to not hire me.

Of course when I left there without getting hired I probably thought I didn’t get the job because he figured as much as I knew already that I’d have his job before he could turn around.

This same rock quarry, after a few different owners over the past half century is the same one that was a subject of the post from a couple of days and overloading the train cars.

What I realize is maybe things haven’t changed all that much in 50 years. Young men with big egos are still seeking employment. Some get hired and some don’t. It’s good to know that life’s experiences work to settle us down. But sometimes a big ego can grow right along with the experience level. Some people will tell you that’s the case with me.

2 thoughts on “Reflecting Back To An Incident Over Fifty Years Ago

  1. I once knew a front end loader operator that could take a cat955 and out perform some other operators that were using a 977.
    He was really good but you need to hear the rest of the story.

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