Bump Gates

Probably Nothing Banged Up More Pickups Than The Bump Gate.

Being a Hill Country Boy, I never got much practice using a Bump Gate. They are mostly something from West and South Texas. I’ve heard of lots of calamities with city slickers and Yankees trying to use them. Either running into them at full speed to not going through them fast enough. Not to even talk about pulling to long a trailer through one.

I think it’s probably something you need to watch a pro operate them a few times before you decide to do it yourself.

I guess they have mostly given way to a more user friendly solar powered automatic gate opener.

I always heard they worked real good until they didn’t.

A video that shows how they are suppose to work.

If you ever had a Bump Gate moment you’d care to share, we’d appreciate it.

2 thoughts on “Bump Gates

  1. I couldn’t really figure it out until I watched the video. Kind of an interesting design, but looks like it might be an expensive contraption. Thanks for the story.

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