The Magical Minds Of Children

I was driving down the road this afternoon with my 4 year old granddaughter, Sofia in a car seat in the back.

I’ve been experiencing issues with my brand spanking new hot tub, the one that I thought would never get installed. In the week since it got installed, there have been a series of it working fine, then suddenly it will throw a breaker and shut down. Then I get the tech out to fix. That’s already happened 3 times. This guy has been great. It’s obvious that he knows his business, but there are some real oddities happening.

The fellow was back today and got it going. Within an hour or so of him leaving it tripped the breaker once again.

Sofia was listening to my conversation with the tech explaining once again what was happening. After I hung up she said “GrandDad I know what’s wrong with the hot tub”. I said “what’s that Fia”? She said “they put the batteries in backwards”.

I thought it was one of the cutest things I’d heard in a long time, and believe me, I hear some cute things having four little granddaughters all living next door to us. But that really melted my heart.

I was telling her daddy about the incident later when we got back home and he has no idea where that 4 year old child would have gotten that idea from, but my guess is those little ears hear things that we have no idea about. So folks, as we all know, watch what you say !!

2 thoughts on “The Magical Minds Of Children

  1. I once worked for a woman some decades younger than myself. She knew nothing (that I could sense) about electricity, but whenever any device malfunctioned, she proclaimed with great certainty that it had developed a “short”. Of course, we were working in Taiwanese, wherein the word for “short” comes from Japanese, and, behind that, from English. It was always a delight to hear a sentence from her including an English word pronounced as if it were in Japanese.

    It’s kind of like having the batteries in backwards.

    I hope your hot tub is bubbling well.

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