A Trip To The Apple Store

Went to The Domain in Austin yesterday morning to get my IPhone screen replaced at the Apple Store.

It was going to take a little while so I found a good vantage point so I could watch the comings and goings. That’s quite the place. I’m not sure I could ever settle in and get that homey feeling there, but to each there on. It’s fairly pricey to rent one of the many apartments throughout the place. It seems more like you are in New York City or San Fran, than Austin. Heck I’ve even got a granddaughter, Holly living there.

It was still fairly cool so many of the young ladies were wearing jeans. It being the trendy place it is, it seems like almost every one of those gals have been down on their knees, quite often enough to have completely worn the fabric to tatters. I guess they are begging daddy for more money to help pay the rent.

I know when I was a kid I kept the knees torn out of my Levi’s from being too rowdy and falling around and getting down in the dirt and rocks and scooting on my knees. But my momma kept a good supply of iron patches. She would even stitch around edges to keep me from picking at them and pulling em off.

Let me get back to these young gals and stop living in the past. There are several answers to this knees being worn out of their britches. They could be buying cheap jeans or even going to Goodwill or Salvation Army buying used stuff.

I’m not trying to cast aspersions on anyone, but “some” of these floozies could be on the knees for other purposes that I don’t care to go into at this time. (Did you see how I’ve progressed with my writing skills. I put the “some” like that so I can say, well I sure wasn’t talking about you ma’am, when someone is offended)

I always think about trends and how they are looked back on. How will folks look back on this trend?

Did I mention that I think it’s kind of sexy, even to an old man nearing 70.

I’m sure glad it didn’t take all that long to fix my phone or my mind may have really started to wandering.

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