Just Imagine My Surprise

I haven’t been posting much lately. Call it being tired and worn out. Or I could blame it on a bout of COVID 19 back in March and then a pinched nerve and in my neck and left shoulder. All the above hasn’t made be feel all that much liking getting out and doing things and writing about them.

Before I go on, let me tell you I’m also not all that pleased with FaceBook and how they have treated many of us. Therefore doing business with a business that is 180° from where I am on about 99.99% of everything, has made me feel less exuberant about it all.

Now that I’ve got that all out of the way, I’ll tell you that I’ve mostly got my medical issues under control and have been ready to hit road and see some of the country with my wife. We left Bertram last, Thursday the 23rd and plan to be back home around Oct. 7th or 8th. Most of the trip will be in Colorado, camping out in a RV Van, but it takes a while making our way to and fro in Texas and New Mexico.

We are now well into our forth day, see spectacular fall colors in the mountains and valleys. It hasn’t been my goal to chronicle our every move for two weeks, boring everyone with how lucky we are while you are sitting at home.

But today as we drove through Gunnison, Colorado something so unexpected and surprising happened that I thought I needed to sit down and tell you about it.

Needing to get out and stretch we stopped at McDonalds. That’s usually a good choice since they have clean restrooms. As I walked in and headed to use the facilities, I looked back over my shoulder, as I often do, my eyes came in contact with a fellow that was looking at me with the same unbelievable look on his face. It was my good friend of over 40 years, Mark Watkins. He and a group of his motorcycle friends had stopped there before they continued on their last leg of a weekend trip, back home to Colorado Springs.

I had mentioned to him a while back that we were planning to come up this way in September and October. My plan was to contact him and meet up on our way back home next week, but our happenstance meeting there today was very special.

I never tire of having these coincidental happenings come my way.

2 thoughts on “Just Imagine My Surprise

  1. I used to believe in coincidences. Nowadays, I call these things, on purposes! There is so much purpose in all we do, where we go, who we come in contact with, as well as God’s protection we constantly live under. Nope…no more coincidences for this gal. My eyes have seen a new reality.

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