A Good Laugh Will Take You A Long Way

We are moving on down the road again this morning. As we headed out, with Madeline behind the wheel, I almost immediately started complaining about the seat in this thing. I actually blamed her for turning all these knobs on the side that adjust the lumbar and the hardness in the seat bottom.

I cranked them both ways, belly aching the whole time. Mind you I wasn’t coming down too hard on her because I fiddle around with things constantly, so I had in the back of my mind that I could be the culprit.

It’s like sitting over here on a rock”, I spouted off.

I finally gave up and decided to ride it out until we stopped.

Then I started looking for my iPad, to assist me in my navigation duties. I remembered setting it on the front seat earlier this morning.

The seat got so much softer when I pulled the iPad and it’s case out from under me.

It got our morning off to a “Laughing Start”.

2 thoughts on “A Good Laugh Will Take You A Long Way

  1. Indeed, such a good laugh that I read the entire thing to my wife, Char.

    I used a comparison of a British travel writer we used to read quite a lot of, 30 years ago. Eric Newby went all kinds of places with his wife Wanda, and the stories he told were priceless. There also is Calvin Trillin, who writes for the New Yorker magazine. When his wife, Alice, was still living, she always came out the better in the stories he would tell. Thanks for reminding me of both of these couples.

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