Slamming The Cabinet Doors

Granddad can get cranky at times. Not just because I’m getting older, heck this incident happened 20 something years ago. I wouldn’t have even broken the 50 year old mark at that time.

I haven’t always been cranky. I think it set in for me in my thirties. I have to admit I became an old man before my time. I had an Opthomologist tell me I had “old people eyes” once when I started wearing trifocals in my early twenties. He said eyes like yours are usually reserved for old people. At least they never worsened. I guess there’s still time for that to happen.

The same story with my spine doctor, claiming my spine looked like a much older persons when I was due for my first surgery at 33. I even went bald prematurely in my 30’s, but a lot of guys younger than that have it happened. I suddenly stopped losing it, after only it fell out in the back. Oh well no big deal, I can’t see it except with a mirror. It’s not like my waistline that I can and do glance down at regularly.

Okay on to the cabinet doors. I’ve been a napper most of my adult life. If I sit down for more than a few minutes I’m going to drift off to sleep. Much like an older fellow. When Mike and Katherine brought us our second grandson, Nathan, they were as proud of him as any parents could have been. He was a dandy addition to our family.

One day they were over visiting Grandma and Granddad. We were sitting around one evening when Granddad started dozing off and Nathan starting pulling up across the room at some cabinet doors. Everyone, that was awake, was enjoying the small child learning to pull-up. With each attempt the door would slam shut, waking ole grumpy up. I finally said, in not too nice of a way, something about getting that baby away from there so he’ll stop slamming doors. I guess somewhere between the fact I was robbing the rest of them of the wonderful opportunity of watching a child’s first attempt and standing up. And I frightened a baby half to death. With the baby screaming and the parents mad at me they gathered up and made a quick exit.

I don’t think I even realized what had happened until Grandma explained a few facts of life to me after they were out the door. There were several lessons learned that day.

Don’t ever criticize what a baby does. (It’s best to not criticize a grandchild period, even after they are older. At least to their parents or grandma)

Don’t sleep when you have company.

Don’t be so grumpy.

And for grandkids, Don’t be waking up a grumpy ole bear.

I’m sure there are others. Years later I am still reminded of that door slamming incident on a regular basis. Like when we were sitting opening Christmas presents in that same living room a few months ago.

How could anyone not enjoy this precious little thing, even if he was slamming doors.

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