I Love Strawberry Jam

In fact I like strawberry, just about anything. But there were several years that I wouldn’t eat strawberries. What you ask would cause someone to not eat something if they really like it?

I was a kid, or I guess a big ole teenage boy would be a better way to describe it. I was in a coffee shop with my ole friend Dink that I’ve wrote about several times. We ordered breakfast and when the waitress set the little paper cup of strawberry jam down, Dink said “you aren’t going to eat that are you”? The conversation went on with him explaining how eating strawberry’s would kill a feller. Not wanting to take a chance on dying, I decided to pass on the strawberry jam.

He went on to provide proof, in his own way, about his theory. “You know that a strawberry is the only thing a hog won’t eat. If you throw a bunch of them in a pen of hogs, they’ll just turn their noses up and walk away”.

I always would think about that conversation and ask for peach or grape or anything but the dreaded strawberry jam. Years later I discovered that everyone around me ate strawberries and no one had died, so I started eating them again.

If anyone has hogs, would you try feeding them strawberries, so I’ll know once and for all if he was pulling my leg or not.

Of course he said the same thing thing about driving a green car. “More people are killed in green cars than any other. They are just plain bad luck”. I’ve never been willing to take a chance on that, so I’ve stayed away from owning a green vehicle.

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