Just Another Strange Happening

When we were kids going to school in Jollyville, there were the Reeves boy’s that were the same age as Kenny and me. Donnie was Kenny’s age and Danny and I were in the same grade. We often visited each other’s house and played together.

Then the Reeves’s cousin Elvin Horner came to live with them. He was a grade ahead Kenny and Donnie. The Reeves family moved and we lost touch with them. That was about 1963.

By the mid 80s I was awarded a contract to construct a development project in Round Rock. When we got started building it, I figured out that one of the major partners was Donnie Reeves. Since that time, Kenny and I have continue to cross paths with Donnie around Austin. He has a commercial air conditioning business and we have the same insurance and bonding agent.

Back in high school, when we were showing Angora Goats at the San Antonio Stock Show, one day Kenny and I headed out to find a convenience store near the fair grounds. When we got ready to checkout, it was none other than Elvin working the cash register. He had moved back to San Antonio to live with his dad. After that encounter we never saw Elvin again. That was probably in 1968.

By the early 90s Kenny had been married to his second wife, Shirley, for several years. Out of the blue they were talking one day when the name Elvin Horner came up. Being a “not so common” name, Kenny inquired as to how she knew Elvin. Shirley’s mother had married Elvin’s dad and they had grown up in the same household as brother and sister. That marriage had ended in divorce years before and she too had lost track of Elvin.

What was the chance of that happening ?

Kenny Lewis holding a birthday cake, Danny Reeves, Elvin Horner horseback, Ronnie Lewis, and Donnie Reeves horseback. – January 1961 (Kenny would have turned 11 on 1/16/61)

A few years ago when I first wrote about this, I called Elvin and we talked for a long time. It had been more than 50 years since we had last talked. A flood of memories came out in that conversation.

One thought on “Just Another Strange Happening

  1. I admire you, calling up people after not having talked for 50 years. If someone did that to me, I’d suspect that he (or she) was planning to try to sell me life insurance, or sign on as an Amway distributor. I like stamps and postcards for the initial contact. That way, a person can ignore me if they don’t want to talk. I guess I’m shy about using the phone.

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