Texas Crushed Stone Georgetown, Texas

Most everyone has driven by the huge rock crushing plant between Round Rock and Georgetown. How many know where it was located prior to move there in the late 50s? The area in Austin along Mopac and from Far West Blvd south was the original location for this operation. The area where Doss Elementary & Murchison Jr. High is located was once being blasted away to make limestone road base used all around the city.

Being in the construction business building roads and underground utility lines all around central Texas for more than 4 decades we have used a lot of crush stone materials from TCS.

Since I was considered a “good” customer, back in the mid 80s, I was invited out to the plant for a tour. Part of the experience was to dine on their railcar that was parked on a section of track away from the busyness, noise and dust. It truly was an experience. Chef (with a tall hat), porter, table cloths, fine china & crystal and all. It was like being transported back in time. I’m not sure if they still do that.

The picture of the dining car below may be the actual car we dined in. It showed up when I did a search.

It has always been an impressive operation to see the amount of material they produce and mountains of stockpiles. They operate their own train, Georgetown Railroad to send aggregates all over.

The first aerial view below shows 2 disturbed areas. One they call their Georgetown plant (the larger of the 2) and the other is the Round Rock Plant. It’s that massive. It takes up most of the area between Round Rock and Georgetown on the west side of I-35. Each operates it’s own set of scales and way of coming and going. It appears they have much more room to grow.

The machinery below was from a much earlier time. They now have gigantic modern machines and crushing equipment.

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