Don’t Wait Too Long To Rekindle A Friendship

I was reminded today when a post from 2 years ago popped up, that this friendship almost got away from me.

You can’t imagine how much I appreciated this thank you from him. A person would have only needed to have been around a few years prior on Facebook to know how crosswired the two of us become, arguing about stupid politics.

Then with a special amount of coaxing on my part, he and I reunited and formed a special friendship, albeit for a fairly short time maybe just a year or so, before Larry passed on on May 22, 2019.

His greatest desire was have a place that young musicians could come and he would be able to help them record music, in his studio. Things didn’t work out for that dream to ever come to fruition. His body didn’t hold up long enough.

Recently I commented on a post of Ronnie’s about our rocky reuinion and past disagreements.Thankfully, everything has turned out great and I’ve discovered that Ronnie is one of the most generous and hard working men I have ever met. He came by for a visit recently and I mentioned that I had been wanting to remodel my motor home and set up some music recording gear but being on a fixed budget and in poor health had forced me to postpone that project.
Next thing I know, Ronnie says, “I’ll take care of it.” and in a few days, he shows up, tools in hand and within a few hours had torn out the kitchen area and hauled off some old furniture that I no longer wanted. Then a few days later, he came back with the materials and installed a nice new counter to put my gear on and put down some new wood flooring so I could put some nice tile down to replace the old Natty carpet that had been there before.
When I offered to pay him for his time and the materials he refused to accept it. He even brought me a couple of office chairs, too! All this from a man I hadn’t seen in over 50 years!
If you know Ronnie well, this will probably not be surprising to you but for me it was astounding and one of the most generous acts I’ve ever experienced. I can only thank him with my friendship in the future and with any advice he might find useful.
I just felt the need to share this story with the people who know him. Thank you Ronnie and thank you all for taking the time to read it.
Larry Jackson – Fellow graduate of Ronnie from Marble Falls, TX high school, 1970

Below is what I wrote about Larry shortly after he passed.

This is sample of Larry’s Music.

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