Kenny Lewis was always hard on vehicles

This was the result of a run-in with the bridge across the South San Gabriel River in RM 1869 just out of Liberty Hill, back in 1979.

He hit the side of the bridge and flipped and landed about 30 feet below.

Remarkably he wasn’t seriously hurt. He did get to spend the night in Brackenridge Hospital. I think he was pretty sore for a few days.

A little addendum to this event: He got our mother and dad to pick him up at the crash site, but started feeling bad on the way to Smithwick, so had them turn and take him to the hospital in Austin. They checked him out and put him in a room. He found his clothes about 4:00 or 5:00 the next morning and got dressed and left. He isn’t sure who he called to pick him up on the street, but someone did.

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