The Story Of The Lost Class Ring

I received a call one day not long ago from a fellow asking for my help locating the owner of a Marble Falls class ring from more than 50 years ago.

This may all seem cryptic, but I’m no long looking for the owner so I don’t care to cause a stir, but it’s an interesting story.

We knew the year, that it was a boys ring and the markings showed that this person was involved in a couple of activities that had a symbols of each on the ring. We knew it most likely was lost by a girl, as there was tape wrapped around and round it to shim it up to make it snug on a girls much smaller finger.

The ring had been found, buried beneath the sand, in an area frequented by teens back in that time period.

I had access to a year book from that year. I could only identify three possible persons that the ring could belong to. Two of those were fairly easy to eliminate. One never had girlfriends that I knew of and the other wouldn’t have been honor society material, one of the symbols on the ring.

The only other one, the most likely owner was difficult to locate. It appeared that he didn’t want to be found. I finally made contact by email and told him the reason of my inquiry. We emailed back and forth a few times. He remembered that he had surrendered his class ring and his letter jacket to a girl and neither ever made it back to him.

Strangely he didn’t seem to be interested in the ring or having it returned to him. I left it with him that if he wanted to contact the finder, to let me know and I’d happily get them together. Several months later and I’ve never heard back from him.

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