May Day Celebrations

I had all but forgotten an annual celebration that we did back when I was a kid in elementary school. The May Day Celebration and the May Pole Dance.

It may still be something that is recognized and I’ve just missed out on it. Or did the separation of church and state put a lid on it?

We didn’t erect a maypole back at Pond Springs School in Jollyville. We just used the flagpole.

2 thoughts on “May Day Celebrations

  1. Separation of Church and State was in existence since the constitution got ratified around 1787, so I doubt that the May Pole dance, a pagan thing anyway, had anything to do with the end of the celebration in Texas. Anyway, the change likely came because the teacher who volunteered to head up the hoopla retired, much to the relief of the other teachers who had to make the kids do it.


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