My Brother And I Have A Very Special Relationship

Kenny and I see each other almost daily, but talk on the phone for sure every day. Now what do we have that is so important to talk about ? We have business interests together but that doesn’t seem to occupy much of our conversation time.

We are much more likely to talk about the old days, the crazy people that have been in our lives and the really good people we’ve came in contact with. We tell each other about what animals we’ve seen, wild and domesticated. He runs cattle on my place so I keep him up to date on which momma cow had a calf or that it looks like the bull is over in the neighbors pasture. It seems that since calving season is over with for this cycle and everything has gotten green in the pasture I don’t even need to keep him apprised of whether he needs to send more hay this way.

But we have found a really great subject to bond us together in conversation. I bought a Ninja Foodi and started experimenting with cooking various meals in it. I convinced him to order one too. We have spent hours talking about what all we’ve cooked and the best way to do this or best way to do that.

Of course we got off to a bad start in the beginning on the Foodi’s. I bought mine 2 or 3 weeks before he did. So for the first time in a long time I was the leader instead of the other way around. As I started explaining to him which function to put it on and how to he should do it, it was met with him asking some confusing questions. I was beginning to think the Ol boy was losing his mind. It was as if he had lost the ability to follow simple instructions. “Kenny, turn this knob or push this button” and he acted like I was speaking a different language.

I finally had him send me a picture of his pot. Well hell, he had ordered a different model. Nothing on his and my pots were anything alike. Admittedly they were close in model number but almost looked like two different manufacturers had made them.

Of course he swears up and down that he bought a more superior product than I did. But it appears that he must have bought his off the television on one of those infomercials. He’s been doing that kind of stuff lately. You know laying up there in bed watching that stuff all night. I think if he got on Facebook he would have better things to do with his time.

When I got ready to order mine I simply researched things for a few minutes and ordered it on Amazon and I was here the next day.

Anyway after I finally figured out I wasn’t going to be able give him precise instructions on the proper use of his Foodi, he and I are getting along better.

I knew I should have ordered it for him and had one just like mine shipped to his house. I wonder if I would have had any luck getting him to give me his credit card information to order it with?

My Foodi

Kenny’s Foodi

Now that he and I are on the same wavelength, more or less, about our cooking, we need to dive off into the subject of checking internal temperatures. I think I’ll just order him a digital cooking thermometer like mine. Of course I’ll be happy to check his out for accuracy before I give it to him. (This from a prior post on the Foodi subject)

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