I love experimenting with things

I bought one of these Ninja Foodi Cooking Pots. It is amazing. It will do dang near anything except wash itself. But that part is pretty dang easy anyway.

To be sure I’m getting everything cooked to a proper temperature, I have acquired a digital thermometer that I can probe the meat and other dishes with.

I have been concerned with the accuracy of this device, so I held the probe under my tongue for a bit and it only went up to 96 degrees. But I guess that’s close enough for government work, as the old saying goes.

Now on to another subject; It seems that I remember from our days of having babies that rectal readings are a few degrees different from oral readings. Oh heck that’s okay, I don’t even know what made me think of that.

Y’all have a good afternoon, I have things I need cook.

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