Lewis I Thought You Cheated

This is another strange happening, like many other things in my life, that sure wasn’t scripted. I just happened. It was in my Sophomore year. We were still in the old building at Marble Falls and didn’t move to the new high school until midterm of that year.

The teacher was Mr. Blanton. The subject was geometry. Since I seldom paid any attention to what was happening as it concerned the learning aspect of school, I became bogged down in that class in a hurry.

I believe it was our first test of the year. As was my way of having my best shot at making a passing grade, I surrounded myself with mostly smart girls in the class that I could somehow convince to let me have an answer if I got really hung up.

When the test got underway I was looking to my left and I’ll not mention names here. At somewhere near the mid point in the test I adjusted my focus point and found cooperation on my right side. Painfully the test was finally complete and class was over.

The next day with tests graded, that teacher called me to the front of the class. He pronounced in front of the whole class “Lewis, I thought you were cheating, until I graded the tests last night. You are the only one in the class that made a perfect 100. Therefore allowing me to conclude that you couldn’t have been cheating”.

Coincidentally each girl I had looked at her paper did well on either the first or second half of the paper.

I’m not sure that I ever passed another assignment or test. I finally dropped out of that class at mid-term. In my senior year I was’t going to have enough math credits to graduate, so they let me take Related Math, I think it was called, which was an easy freshman math class.

So whatever geometry I’m able to use now, comes strictly from setting down and figuring things out in my own way. But that is how almost everything in school was for me. I think that’s why I suffer so greatly in English and Language skills. That’s a subject that doesn’t have much reason to it.

I can understand how someone might read this and think it to unlikely to be true, but it really happened.

2 thoughts on “Lewis I Thought You Cheated

  1. Sometime in junior high school (as we called it back then) I was put into Algebra half a year early. I think it was because of an aptitude test and generally decent math grades. Unfortunately, my work habits weren’t up to it. I barely passed the first term, and was given a passing grade by the teacher the second term if I agreed not to go on to his geometry class. (the text had changed between those two semesters, and my class had done the old one, which was incompatible with the new.) When I got to senior high school the next year I started geometry in fear. It turned out, though, that the first week of geometry was kind of algebraic, which, despite myself, I could do.
    I did well during that year of Geometry, but it was the end of math for me. The next course was back to Algebra, which scared me. I did foreign languages (Spanish) instead. Now, more than 50 years later, I’ve no regrets.
    I sense that you, like me, have no regrets, either.


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