The Lemon Wedge

Some of the simple things that happen in life prove to be the most memorable..

The Country Road Restaurant was a good place to eat lunch. You’d go through the line and fill your plate. We ate there often, as it was close to our office. One day our accountant Woody, Kenny and I went there.

A fellow sitting across the dining room from us was drinking tea from one of the large mouth ice tea glasses. It had a lemon wedge on the lip of the glass. This fellow continued wearing his cap, with it pulled down low on his forehead. When he tipped his glass up to take a drink, the lemon wedged between the bill of the cap and his nose. Kenny, after observing this guy for a moment, remarked as to why a man would sit in a restaurant with a lemon wedge on his nose. As Woody and I turned look, it must to finally occurred to him that something wasn’t right. He began to flail at his face, in a desperate attempt to free whatever it was on his nose. I guess he thought a big bug had landed there.The lemon wedge then went flying across room and struck a mirror tiled wall, and slide to the floor.

This scene reminded me of a cartoon. The guy then started to look around to see if anyone had seen him, like we’ve all done at sometime or the other after doing something silly. We each looked down, pretending we hadn’t seen a thing. Comforted by the fact that no one had seen him, he then returned to his meal.

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