They Made The Mayor Cry

A long time ago I had a contract with the small city of Sunset Valley, a suburb on the southwest edge of Austin. The contract was to rebuild a crumbling street.

When we finished, a condition of getting paid was I had to go to the City Council Meeting where the payment would be approved and they would write me a check right there on the spot.

What I didn’t realize was there was a new mayor, a lady, and a couple of new male councilman. I sat through the entire meeting, with the approval of my payment coming at the very end.

That was about the weirdest two hours I have ever spent. The new mayor was someone that the old regime didn’t favor. The old regime was made up of several old fellows that had been running things for a long time. They hadn’t liked the idea of being voted out by a bunch of new comers.

There were many exchanges between the old group and the new group. A typical shoutout was “you damn people should have known a woman can’t handle a job like this”, to worse yet.

After she finally just gave up trying to get anything else done, she started to adjourn the meeting. I stood up and ask if she would please get approval on my payment. She ask for a vote on approving my invoice. Once a vote was taken she adjourned the meeting.

With only she and a couple of others left in the room, I went up to receive my check. She was sobbing and crying so hard she couldn’t sign the check. I found myself patting her on the shoulder and consoling her. Anything to get my money.

When I took the check to the office the next morning it was barely legible. The tears had caused the ink to run all over the check.

Luckily that was my last Sunset Valley City Council Meeting.

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