Why I Am Impatient

It just occurred to me that I seldom will order anything that I can’t get next day shipping on. If I buy something I want to touch and feel in right then and there.

People ask why I don’t order new cars and trucks, so I can get them exactly like I want them. I always think, what if I order it and it takes 2 or 3 months to get it, and then it isn’t exactly what I want. That could happen, easily.

I order a pizza for delivery and I’m pacing the floor, waiting for it to get here. And more time than not, it’s not exactly what I ordered.

Now for what I think caused this with me, when I was working in Burnet, Texas, doing my first contract in 1972, Glenn Lewis and I went the Lampasas and ordered a new pair of boots each. His was cowhide, but me being a big shot contractor, I went for the Ostrich hide. We got measured and I thought every few days about my new boots.

The bookmaker was Ray Jones. Mr. Jones made boots for every old cowboy around. It took a year to get a pair made. I think we paid half when we ordered them and would pay the other half when we picked them up. My boots were around $500, a huge sum for that time, but it was the very best leather money could buy for a pair of boots.

About a year later we had finished up in Burnet and had moved on to
work in Austin. Glenn got a notice that his boots were ready, so we caught the next rainy day and drove up to get our boots. We got there and Glenn got his boots. I inquired about mine. “Oh, we didn’t make yours because we couldn’t get the leather for them and when we finally found it, the price was much higher than we usually pay”.

I was so exasperated , I left without getting my deposit money. I don’t think I ever got it, which was probably my own fault, for not being persistent about it.

That is the reason I never like waiting to get anything.

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