The Smithwick School

The Old Smithwick Schoolhouse

Below is a transcript of an oral interview conducted with Nelson by my wife, Madeline Lewis for a college paper when she was studying at St. Edwards University in Austin.

A previous post giving a lot of Smithwick School info from Gayle Waldrip

This is from a previous FB Post – A Smithwick School Reunion

The Graduation Diploma of Myrl Gibson Heine

Gayle Waldrip and a Cousin on the steps of the old Schoolhouse

4 thoughts on “The Smithwick School

  1. In Nelson’s interview he mentions a teacher named Mrs.Rippy. In the mid to late ’70’s I worked for Rippy Surveying Co. in Austin. Mr.Clinton Rippy and Willie Maude Rippy had tie’s to Marble Falls,Driftwood and Dripping Springs I believe from our talks with Willie Maude particularly. She’d be in shop many afternoons to harass the members of the survey crews in a good hearted way. She never mentioned teaching to my knowledge ,so I doubt she was the Mrs.Rippy Nelson mentioned but her age might have worked for that time period.


    1. Do know if you saw on FB but Mrs. Rippy was Clinton’s mother.
      His brother, Lauris and family were long time residents of Smithwick. Some of the family still reside there.


  2. Ronnie is correct. It was my grandmother who taught at the Smithwick school. I was told that she was the principal. Her name was Ollie Powell Rippy. She and my grandfather (W.F. Rippy) are both buried at the cemetery on RR12 south of Dripping Springs. Can’t think of the name at this moment.


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