Wild Rides

Kenny and I had would take the engine off of a push type lawn mower and then tie a rope on it. The object was to sit in the little hole in the middle and with a horse pulling it we would get in a big open field and start circling to see how long the rider could stay on. It’s amazing how much dirt and dust can be stirred up doing this. The bad part (actually there were many bad parts) to doing this was the only real way to hang on was to grab under the bottom lip and hold on. Except, any rock or tree limb you ran over would just peel the hide and some meat fight off of your fingers.

The next thing would be the lawnmower rider would wear out long before the horse and puller would. Even if you made dozens of revaluations at some point your arms would give out and away you went.

That seems pretty dangerous now that I look back on it. I don’t remember anyone suggesting we wear a helmet.

That sport gave way to pulling it with a pickup rather than a horse at some point.

A footnote to this story: If asked, Kenny Lewis will tell you he and I took turns, allowing us each to experience the thrill of riding the lawn mower base. My recollection differs somewhat.

BTW: To date I have had 3 major neck surgeries in my adult life and need one on my back now. As far as I know Kenny has never had any spine surgeries unless he slipped down to the hospital and had them without me knowing it.

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