All My Sons

Madeline was moving some her favorite pieces of furniture to our new place in Corpus a few years ago. She was the one setting up the furniture move, because I had proven that I wasn’t a good mover.

I asked her who was bringing the stuff down. She proudly proclaimed “All My Sons”.

Puzzled, because we had decided that it was all the really good stuff (stuff that cost too much) and me moving it wasn’t going to work. We have a long history of severe damage every time I have moved anything.

In my mind our sons learned everything they know about transporting furniture from me. So what made this acceptable? I tried to not have my feelings hurt, but still wasn’t completely feeling alright about it.

Then I ask “even Matt and Mike”? (They being the 2 older of our 5 sons – and usually a way too busy with life to be helping out mom and dad with stuff like a moving detail)

To which she said:
“No, not our sons. All My Sons Moving Company“.

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