The Techno-Redneck or Gadget Man

Over the past 25 years I have adopted two nicknames. I like each equally.

It all started back in the mid 90’s when mobile phones were becoming more widely popular and affordable. I always thought I wanted to newest thing out so when a new gadget hit the market I tried to be the first to have it. I usually had a string of employees that were more than willing to take my hand me downs. I didn’t feel too bad about buying the new cutting edge devices because I was convinced that being in the forefront could help one be the industry leader, regardless of your business.

I had a fully functioning laptop on a stand sitting at the ready right beside me in my truck or suburban back before cops even started having same.

This was before the internet was accessible to us all so there were no air cards and wifi’s , nor a need for them.

What I did need was a fax machine whenever I was on the road. Through experimentation and spending a lot of bucks I figured out how to hook up a fax/scanner/copier in a rack that was positioned in my backseat. In those days the cell phones were analogue so we found out that when having one dedicated to a fax machine, the fax machine didn’t know but what it was plugged into a landline. So driving down the highway I could send and receive faxes which made for making conducting business and being out of the office much easier.

A few years later the cell phone technology was switching from analogue to digital. The fax machines at the time couldn’t communicate digitally so I held on to the analogue phone until GTE (they are now either Verizon or AT&T) finally pulled the plug on analogue.

There was a time that I felt like I’d fallen backwards because I could no longer do the things I once was able to do.

Soon enough, with the internet getting into full swing, technology caught back up and of course now anything is possible from the palm of your hand with an iPhone.

But for whatever reason, the dueling nicknames have stuck. I no longer even try to keep up with the latest and greatest of technological marvels.

I feel like a dinosaur when I walk into Best Buy.

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