The Auto Theft From Giesecke’s Supermarket (or was it HEB by that time)

I worked at the Luther – McDuff Chevrolet Dealership my senior year of high school. Others that worked there were:

Cecil Rhoades – Manager and car salesman extraordinaire.

JC Copeland – A very nice, rotund old fellow – a lifelong car salesman type.

John Miller – The most genteel person I’d ever met, and a life long MF resident. Everyone trusted John.

Karen Schaefer – a pretty young red head that my brother had dated in high school and had married not long before this incident.

We were all sitting in the office one day when several police cars arrived. There had been a car stolen at the grocery store and now than same car was on our car lot. When the story unraveled, here’s what happened. Karen had taken a sedan from the lot to go get supplies up at the grocery store. After loading up everything she returned. Only problem, she left in a white Oldsmobile and returned in a white Buick.

The Buick owner had left his keys in the ignition, like many people in Marble Falls did in those days. Karen had gotten in the wrong car and returned to the car lot, putting it back on the front line. Everything was straightened out in short order and Karen didn’t even get handcuffed. But it was a running joke around the old car lot from that point on.

From the High School Yearbook – Yours Truly

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