The Evolution of Supermarkets in Marble Falls

I was asked recently when HEB first appeared in Marble Falls. That got me to thinking about the series of events that got us to where we are today with Marble Falls Supermarkets.

I am going to tell you my best recollection of when I remember the various events happening in the way people were shopping for food at least during my lifetime. As you read this, please feel free to correct me or firm up dates and ownerships.

  1. Giesecke’s Bros. Market was what I consider the first supermarket. Prior to that time there were several mercantile’s and small grocery stores. It was on Main Street in the block between Second and Third St’s on the east side of the street. I believe it was first owned by Rudolph Giesecke, but taken over by sons, Richard and Ralph at sometime in the 50s or 60s. (But I could be all wet on this)
  2. A new Giesecke’s Supermarket was built up on US 281, in about 1962-1963 on the west side of the highway between Sixth and Seventh St’s. That is the current home of Security State Bank, Marble Falls. After operating as Giesecke’s for several years, HEB moved in and bought them out, in about 1966 -1967.
  3. Just after it became HEB, a new Lakeland Minimax was built down the street between Third St and Forth St, on the west side of the highway. It was owned by Ritchie Giesecke (UT) & Sam Burnam (A&M). I’m pretty sure it was in operation by 1968. Someone told me they think that Ernest Cochran was involved in the ownership of Lakeland Minimax. That could be.
  4. (Edit) It appears that a new store was built was built in the center between 7th and Broadway call Lakeland United Super. (Did it move because of the fire that consumed Winn’s ?)
  5. (Edit) That Store moved out to a location by Walmart and was called REGES, the initials for Ritchie Giesecke and Elroy Schorn.
  6. By the early 70s, a new Lakeland Mall (?) was built on FM 1431 East at Bluebonnet Lane. At that time Minimax moved into that location along with a variety of other shops under a single roof. Later those individual shops were all incorporated into just the grocery market. I am uncertain if it remained a Minimax during that time period and who owned and operated it.
  7. By the mid 1980s Walmart came to town. I don’t remember them having groceries in the first store, close to where the theater currently is. Perhaps groceries were added when the new location (current location) was opened, on the 90s.
  8. HEB relocated to the old Lakeland site by the early 80s. Did they use the building as it was or tear it down and built a new building?
  9. The new Super HEB opened in early 2018.

An early photo from Ivan Shepperd of Giesecke Bros. on Main St. (missing “S” on Super)

The Giesecke Bros. on Main St. – now

The Giesecke’s that became the first HEB location – Now Security Bank

The HEB before the New One

2 thoughts on “The Evolution of Supermarkets in Marble Falls

  1. Ronnie, my recollection about the Lakeland store on 1431 is that it was called “Lakeland Mall,” and was no longer affiliated with Minimax. I believe HEB used the same building when it moved into the space on 1431.


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