What did we talk about that afternoon?

This is an add-on to a story about an afternoon conversation I had with our then Governor Mark White.

It was mostly centered around the over crowding problem in Texas Prisons. He knew I was in the construction business and was seeking my assistance in piloting a program to give early release to some worthy prisoners that just needed a break.

He thought that if they could come out and show up to work (digging ditches, if you will) and not get back in trouble, they could find their way more easily back into society.

We did some planning and talking about this and he wanted to jump start it after he was reelected. Only problem, he went down to defeat in the election, as did that program.

I thought of the whole experience being something that could help in a myriad of ways. Helping the overcrowding. Doing a good thing and giving me an endless supply of workers.

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