Rubbing Shoulders With Eva Longoria

During a rant earlier on my Political Speak Group I related the following true story. I didn’t repost it in its entirety due to my desire to not politicize this group. But you can gather I have a very different view of life than she does.

Now for the story:

And to think – I once found myself rubbing shoulders with this bimbo. “Yes, the Ronbo here rubbed shoulders with Eva Longoria”.

I was invited to sit on the floor at a SA Spurs game in the owners seats at courtside. Eva and Tony Parker were an item at the time. She was seated a couple of rows behind us. Several times she got up and walked along in front of me. On one of those returns as she approached me, the Spurs made a great play. Everyone jumped up to cheer. I ever so politely leaned over as she passed allowing our shoulders to brush together. Therefore allowing me to claim forever that I’d rubbed shoulders with the beautiful Eva Longoria.

It wasn’t obvious what I had done, because there was a mob of people all around us.

Just think I could have positioned myself where she had to rub her breasts against me, but being the gentleman I am, I just didn’t think that seemed proper.

But it would have made the story better.

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