The Case Of Mistaken Identity

People always think I look like someone I’m clearly not. But it’s been going on for a very long time. Since the 80s. That’s when a TV show came on and it was fairly popular. So everyone started referring to me by the name of a main character in that show. I wasn’t exactly flattered, but it is what it is.

Sometime back the following incident happened to took the mistaken identity deal to a whole new level. So here goes.

I go to Cracker Barrel fairly often to eat. The lady that seated me remarked that she thought I was famous. Knowing I was fixing to get the old Al Bundy line, I beat her to the punch and said “yeah I get mistaken for Al Bundy a lot”.

She said “no, I thought you were Matthew McConaughey“.

I said “no, but I do play the bongo drum’s nude in my living room occasionally”.

That threw her for a loop. I think she forgot to even tell me what that specials on the board were.

I was back a few days later and she announced, Matthew McConaughey is back then told me she thought he looked better before he lost all that weight.

I told her that’s why I keep my extra weight on so I don’t start looking more like him.

I’ve pondered who she actually thinks Matthew McConaughey is.

Did he lose weight?

2 thoughts on “The Case Of Mistaken Identity

  1. He lost 47 lbs for his role in Dallas Buyers Club and he gained 40 lbs for the movie Gold. He’s one of those guys that will do whatever he needs to do for a movie and I imagine that carries into real life.


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