A Story About My Great Great Grandparents, Hugh and Mary Ann Bible Clark

This was taken from the very fine book “The Bible Family” by Naomi Chadwick.

This account of an afternoon in the life of Hugh & Mary Ann Bible Clark. It was pretty much a fact of life in that time period.

This story connects to many of us on this group.

Often when I read this I think about how much the course of many of our live’s depended on that decision made on this mans way to the lot that day.

Below was contributed by Grant Ray Thompson

Hugh Clark

I ran across this remarkable 1 inch square picture in an old trunk containing family artifacts. There is no indication of who it is or where it was taken, but I scanned it and blew it up thinking it might be deciphered. Now that I have seen another old photo of my great great grandfather Hugh Clark, I am pretty sure this is him, probably around 1910-15. He is holding two infants, probably grandchildren, and the site looks so much like our old home place, although I can’t be sure. This house and land was owned by the Lydas, then John Mordecai, one of Hugh’s sons, and finally by my grandparents William Leon Whitman and Elizabeth Grace Clark. Now for the rest of the story….Hugh Clark also is the GGF of Connie Williams Holmes and the GGGF of Ronnie Lewis.

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