One My Favorite Christmas Memories

My Christmas Story – 12/25/10

My youngest Grandson Will is a very funny kid. I’m not sure he means to be funny but he is. While we were opening Christmas presents I could see he wasn’t pleased. When I asked his Mother what was wrong, she told me that he didn’t like it that everyone was getting new iPads.

The whole iPad thing started with Will several months ago. When his Dad upgraded his iPhone earlier this year, Will received the old one. It didn’t actually have phone service, but he could play games and listen to music. He was very satisfied with that, since he is only five.

It wasn’t too long after that until his older brother and sister each got new iPhones. Only problem, theirs had phone plans. Well a few months passed and his Dad decided that he could have an iPad because he is very responsible and keeps up with his belongings. Besides that for a kid his age he really does get a lot of good out of electronic gadgets.

Being the only kid in the family with the distinction of having his very own iPad made him feel very special. So when his siblings opened their presents he became aware that he wasn’t going to be the only one with an iPad. He wasn’t mad, he was just quiet.
Seeing this, Ol’ GrandDad decided to step in and smooth things over a bit, so I called him over and held him close for a couple of minutes. Then I said “Will isn’t it great that now everyone in your family will have an IPhone and an iPad”. He said nothing for a little while, but then he proclaimed that he didn’t think it was right for Nathan & Emma to get iPads. With that I said “Will don’t you understand that you are only 5 years old and already have both things?” With that being said he looked me straight in the eye and said “will you not insult me with that?” Then he turned and walked out of the room.

All the other grandchildren with new iPads in hand – 2010. Holly, Emma, Brian & Nate.

Will is now at 6’4” Senior that has his life and future pretty well mapped out.

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