Just Passing Time

For some reason the new scam is someone will text and pretend they think you are someone else. This happened earlier tonight. I can’t just ignore these attempts at being scammed. So I start talking like I’m really who they think I am. Oh well, this is a screen shot of the lengthy text exchange. I guess I finally wore them out. They finally decided to move on along.

Hey guys, try that phone number, you may find a hot date on the other end

3 thoughts on “Just Passing Time

  1. I found this amusing. I wonder if Madeline would. You might ask her. She’d probably heartily approve of how you deal with these interesting opportunities.

    Once some years back, I can’t remember if it was 5 or 10, I saw a similar thing where a guy opened a dialog after being approached by a “Prince” from Nigeria. He eventually began sending lines from songs by Bob Marley (the Jamaican Reggae guy). I bet you know LOTS of great lines from Country and Western songs that might work, too.

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    1. I generally engage with these scammers on the phone. Many times she is within earshot of those conversations. She has two gestures. There are the eye rolls and then there is the head shaking motions. But all in all she is pretty good humored about it all.
      I wouldn’t say that she is always amused, but what’s a gal to do? Get all huffy or just go with the flow. Madeline more likes floating down with a gentle current.
      In fact she and her sister are floating down some river in Utah to celebrate her 70th birthday next month. For 3 days. Sleeping out on the ground. I was invited to go along, but I find it more entertaining staying home and talking to strangers via, phone or email, under the air conditioner.
      We have found that to have a successful marriage, it fine for us to do our own thing (well, within limits) and not go along with each other’s crazy whims each time. But camping out on the edge of a river just isn’t what I call fun. She even did that going down the Amazon once. Catching and eating piranhas for food. I thought piranhas ate people, not the other way around.
      She didn’t even ask if I wanted to go on that trip.
      50 years of marriage gives us a lot of insight into each other, not just because of the years, but because we pay attention to each other.

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