Let Me Talk To You About Crosses

This Unity Cross was a post from 2 years ago. I’m very proud to have made this and that my “kids” cherish it.

I know I do good work. I say that honestly. I know when something is done well. but mostly this is so beautiful, because the wood is so beautiful. Nothing is prettier than mesquite wood. Take a piece of good Texas Mesquite and it’s hard to mess it up. Cut out a nice shape and hone on it, shape it, sand it and sand it and the next thing you know, you have something that will be good for the ages.

I always think that in this busy, throw-away society, what will happen to wooden pieces like this cross. Will it end up in a garage sale generations from now? How could it ever just be discarded like so many things now, that go by the way side. But to me its so unthinkable that anyone will ever just toss it away.

I have made hundreds of crosses from every wood imaginable. I’m not doing it much any longer. My hands ache, right along with most of the rest of my joints. But that’s only an excuse I use I guess. I have machines to do so much of the work, but there is still a certain amount of effort that goes into each piece. Perhaps one day I’ll get back with it.

The cross in the picture is my most favored style of cross that I’ve ever made. If you wonder about the shape of this particular cross. I never make them the same. My motto about these crosses goes something like this: “My desired outcome for my signature cross is for it to look rugged, yet have a refinement to it. I want it to be irregular yet feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom” I believe mesquite let’s all that happen as well as any wood.

Now you know how I feel about Crosses !

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