A Lincoln Town Car Sedan With Dual Tires On All Four Wheels

My friend and colleague Gerry I got to the restaurant at the same time one morning. This took place south of Dallas at the town of Waxahachie.

As we were walking in I saw a strange sight. A new Lincoln Continental was parked front and center. It looked like any other car of that make, except it was equipped with dual tires all the way around. Each tire was only approximately half the width of a normal car tire. It was the strangest thing I’d seen in a while. We stood there discussing it for a bit, trying to figure out what the deal was.

I commented that the car must belong to my friend Dink. I hadn’t seen Dink in a really long time. Maybe even two or three years.

Gerry has heard a lot of the Dink stories but they had never met.

We walked in and there was Dink sitting at a table drinking coffee. He was as surprised as I was to be meeting like that. We joined him and of course I asked what he was driving. The Lincoln of course. Dink liked Lincoln’s.

He told us all about the tires and how every car would soon be swapping over to that concept. Someone in Oklahoma City was marketing them and they were much safer on wet highway and since it was two completely independent tires, if one went flat or blew out, you’d still have another one to keep you going and safe.

He told me if I’d put those tires on Madeline’s car, she and the boys were would be safe and I’d never have to worry about them having a blowout or encountering slick pavement and all dying in a fiery crash. I told him that may not be the best way to approach a feller about buying those tires and wheels.

The sales pitch was almost to the point of him wanting to let me in on the biggest deal of his life. Then he changed the subject and we went on talking about something completely different.

I’m not sure what ever happened with that deal but I’ll have to admit, I don’t think anyone made millions from it.

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