Ring Ring Ring

Hello this is Joseph Smith with Medicare Claims Department. Is the Ronald?

No, this is Frank his Son.

Can I speak to Ronald?

No. We are having his funeral on Sunday. Will you be able to come?

Did Ronald die?

Yes Sir, that’s why we are burying him on Sunday.

I’m sorry.

That’s okay. Can you get us some death benefits, to help pay for the funeral expenses?

A, a, a, that’s not in my department.

We are going to miss him, he was such a great man. If you need to get ahold of me, I’m going to keep this phone as long as I can, until they turn it off for non-payment.

I’m very sorry for the loss of your father. I’m going to remove his name from my list.

Please do that. It’s very hurtful when y’all call him like this.

Good bye.

Good bye.

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