Ring A Ling Ding

Mr. Lewis this is the GM Warranty Department.

Me in my regular voice: Hello

GMW Man: I see your warranty on your 2018 GMC has expired. I can offer…………

Me in a distress voice: I don’t have it any longer.

GMW Man: Well thank you.

Me in a crying voice: Don’t hang up. Can you help me. They took my pickup away from me and sold it.

GMW Man: Why did they do that, Mr. Lewis.

Me in a crying voice: They said I can’t drive any more.

GMW Man: Hopefully you’ll get it back:

Me now in an crying voice: Where are you? Can you come pick me up and take me for a ride?

GMW Man: No, I’m too far away.

Me now in an uncontrollable crying voice: My daughter told me I ain’t never driving again.

GMW Man: I’m sorry, why did they do that?

Me in an even more uncontrollable crying voice: My daughter is a horrible person. All because I ran over that woman in the crosswalk coming out of Walmart. But I honked and she just kept on a coming. So it wasn’t my fault. I gave her a warning.

GMW Man: Have a nice day.

Me continuing in a louder more uncontrollable crying voice: HOW CAN I HAVE A GOOD DAY…….. click and the line went dead.

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