Sometimes It Pays To Procrastinate

This is one of those stories that happen and you ask yourself, what just happened?

Last night a lady asked me if I had one of the Centennial Edition of Marble Falls History, published by The Highlander, that I may be willing to part with. It is a great record of the Marble Falls so many of us hold so dear to our hearts.

I told this lady, whom I supposed would be using it to do research for a book she is writing, that I would look and see, but I was pretty sure I had a copy I’d gladly send her.

Here is in where the problem lies. I have a particularly painful left knee, that is only second to an even more troubling left shoulder blade at this time in my life. So hoping I would miraculously recover quickly, even though I’ve been going through all this for almost a year, I told this nice lady to give me a day or so and I’d send her a.copy.

I even have a list of several things I am currently working on, on the little yellow Notes pad on my iPhone. This item got added up closer to the top, as I really felt strongly about being sure I didn’t neglect sending out this publication.

While I am pleased to do so, as I was bequeathed a second one by Gayle Waldrip not so very long ago, it would only be the right thing to do for me to dig through my very extensive archives to locate one. That archival depository is a rather large closest that I had set aside to hold everything I now own in the way of books, letters, pictures and other historical memorabilia. It is fairly well organized, at least for me it is. There must be well more than two dozen file boxes, with writing on them to describe the contents of each. It was only after spending several days organizing and cataloging all these boxes, that I realized that as I stored them away, only about a quarter of the boxes could the writing be seen. Now you are thinking, why did he do it that way?”. There is a fairly simple answer. I did that back when I was mostly locked up in the house for month after month during the Covid Lockdown. Now is the picture becoming a bit more clear?

So now to find about three quarters of anything in that closet I have to unload the whole thing. Which I find myself doing more often than I even want to talk about. But to fulfill this request, I was willing to once again do it.

After a pretty busy day today, doctor appointment, business matters and such, I took an ample dose of the various medications that are prescribed to me, and laid down to take a nap. All the while I thought that once I woke up, I’d still be medicated enough to drag those boxes out and go diving into them to find the desired newspaper insert.

As I was waking up from my nap, my phone dinged. I picked it up and had a message from a friend asking if I’d like to have a copy of 100 Pages of Marble Falls History.

For a moment I thought I was dreaming. But then I went on to say “I sure would” and explained how just the evening before I had been asked if I had a spare copy.

My knee is still aching, but at least now I’m not giving it any additional exercise today.

Cheryl Wimberly Biesenbsch was the requester of this publication for her book, the update to the book so many of us hold so dear to our hearts “And Then There Were Three Thousand

Wayland McCoy, a frequent contributor here on the Angora Chronicles was the one that stepped forward and made my day by volunteering to send Cheryl the copy he has.

Now how about those apples, as the saying goes.

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