I Was A Kid With Few Talents

In fact I think I could only do approximately two unusual things. One of those I tried out while sitting in the barber chair this morning. Now mind you it wasn’t the first time I’d tried a barber out on this but in memory it’s the first time I ever got a real reaction.

As this young gal started to clip the ear hair, I started my ear wiggling routine. Of course I could see her look in the mirror, so as she’d get close with the clipper, I’d let my big ole ears start moving back and forth. She finally just stopped, stood there a moment then said “if you don’t leave those ears still, I’m gonna nick you”.

I smiled and set there like a good boy for the rest of the time.

I thought about showing her my other talent but couldn’t figure a good way to present it without it becoming awkward.
Maybe it’s best that I continue to save that one for my grandkids. They get a big kick out of it.

Rolling my belly like a hula dancer is maybe a bit much out in public.

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