A Simple Trip To The Drug Store

A few days ago I drove up to the window at Walgreens in Burnet to pickup a couple of prescriptions. Prescriptions that I’d been trying to get refilled for several days. But finally got a text telling me they were ready. She kept telling me that I didn’t have anything ready yet.

After debating the issue a few moments I finally sent my phone in for her to see for herself. “Lady it’s not like I’m making it up”.

After looking she let me know, with a little smirk on her face that my prescriptions were ready at CVS, and not Walgreens.

“Well Okay, I’ll just run over to Leander and get my much needed drugs”.

That was a little embarrassing, but stuff happens, as they say.

This morning I had to go to Georgetown to the drugstore where they draw blood. I got there a few minutes early, as I’ve been there before and their computer checkin kiosk doesn’t always work all that good.

First off I got almost to the back to the back of the store, limping along on my walking cane (got a knee acting up on me) when I discovered I didn’t have my mask. So I trudged back out to the pickup to get one. (Im sure they could have given me one to use, but I didn’t want to appear that I’m losing my faculties.

So I get to the kiosk and started trying to input my login, etc. It insisted that I didn’t have an appointment. I jerked my phone out to get the sign in that had been provided when I set up the appointment. After carefully scrutinizing the email I discovered I was at CVS, instead of the Walgreens about 2 miles down the road.

I hustled around and dragged this poor aching leg out to the pickup so I could make it down to the Walgreens. I arrived and signed in at the right place just on time.

All ended up good, except I really think im losing my mind.

Signing Out, Until Later.

4 thoughts on “A Simple Trip To The Drug Store

  1. As all of those chain drug stores begin to look more and more alike, and all of us develop relationships with different ones for different things, we’re bound to get them mixed up. In my first year of retirement, when I had a car that needed fixing, I ordered some parts online for pickup at the store. I went to “Auto Zone” to pick them up, with a paper in my hand. I learned, to my embarrasment, that the order was from “Advanced Auto”, about half a mile further down the street.
    Now I have a new car, a fully electric Chevy. My parts store days are at an end.

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      1. I like it. It is absolutely quiet. BUT, if you’re looking for a pickup truck, wait until the new F150 or the Silverado comes out (depending on if you’re a Ford or Chevy guy). There are issues with range. I never go far, so that’s not a big deal.

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