The Intricacies Of Spinal Surgery

The last time my spine surgeon worked on my neck problem, he just took a loop of wire (2010) and went around the plate and screws (2005) from the previous job he did. He put a fancy little twist on that wire. It doesn’t look like he’d be very good at fence work, but it’s lasted for the past 11 years.

It appears something is haywire (that’s a pun I used there) up there again. Going back up to get another round of MRI’s done tomorrow and see what’s happening in there now. Then off to see the surgeon next Monday.

Maybe he can put another twist on that wire and tighten it up or do whatever magic he has done before to buy me a few more years.

I was kind of shocked at how advanced all that spine surgery was when I first saw an X-ray of my neck.

4 thoughts on “The Intricacies Of Spinal Surgery

  1. What did you do to your neck? My back from waist down is bad. Scoliosis , herniated, degenerative, stenosis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.. Can’t have surgery as hardware won’t hold. Going to burn nerves so I can get relief from pain, so I feel your pain. But that is some weird looking hardware in there . Praying all goes well for you.

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    1. I never had a true accident that caused it. I had a 1000 minor ones. Lots of abuse over the years.
      I actually had my first surgery in 1985. It was just a cartilage trim up job the first time.

      Wishing you luck with yours. Let me know how it goes for you.


    1. The worst part is the waiting on the next step, with practically sleepless nights for weeks while all the doctors, labs, hospitals each do their thing.
      This is round 4. Luckily they have been years apart.


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