Showing Off Our New Set Of Unbreakable Dishes

Many years ago Madeline bought a new set of dishes. We hadn’t seen married all that long, but were beginning to have kids. It was Corel Ware. It was a good idea with the kids to get something that we wouldn’t be breaking every time we turned around. It was a good investment.

My father in law came to visit. We were showing him the new dishes, when I flung one over in the floor to demonstrate how they were unbreakable. Well it just shattered into a thousand pieces . That’s when Madeline explained to me they weren’t unbreakable, they just were shatter resistant. I guess there is a difference.

Anyway, I bet he thought his oldest daughter had married a dandy of a feller. Actually at that point he probably had no idea.

2 thoughts on “Showing Off Our New Set Of Unbreakable Dishes

  1. That’s a pretty funny story, but only because I’ve broken one of the those dishes too, and man it must have broken into about a jillion pieces.

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