He Has A Hurting In His Groin Area

I had an appointment in Austin this morning at my urologist. Just a routine checkup.

When I walked in a fellow was checking in just in front of me. He was a very handsome guy. He had something close to a Fabio hairdo.

I wasn’t actually trying to hear what he was saying but it was unavoidable. It appears he didn’t have an appointment, instead just stopped in to see if they could work him in.

I heard him say he had a hurting in his groin area. About that time the gal handed him a clipboard so he could write out all the new patient information.

Then it was my turn and I gave her my name and birthdate. She reminded me my appointment was at 9:30. It was only about 8:30 at that time. I always like being early. You never know when traffic may be heavy and living so far out, I don’t take any chances of being late.

I no more than dropped of my urine sample in the little door and set down in the waiting room when, the nurse called out “Mr. Lewis”, so I went back and had a fairly short visit.

As I walked out, Fabio was right behind me and headed for his car, parked close to mine.

I’m not sure if he had been able to see the doctor in that short of a period of time.

But when I saw his car, I was able to make a diagnosis of his problem. He was getting into a new Corvette. That car is his problem. It could be one of two things. I’ve had a Corvette and when sitting in that thing all wadded up, every bump in the road is coming up through the seat and entering your body and most likely causing severe pain.

The other thing that could be happening is in Austin, Texas on Monday morning, that Corvette helped him find too many girlfriends over the weekend.

Either way, getting out of that new Corvette is the best cure I can think of.

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