Death By Seatbelt

Once when we were doing a project in Dallas, my Suburban was having mechanical problems so I took it to the shop. They gave me a rental car. This was in the early 90s.

Kenny was up helping me on that project so we would go eat before we would go to our apartment each evening.

This night we determined where to go eat on our way home, but then I changed my mind. He was following me when we stop at a red light. I just opened the drivers door and stuck my head out to tell him to just follow me.

What I didn’t realize was the shoulder belt was attached up at the top to a little moving track that carried it forward when you opened the door and then when you close it the shoulder belt would move to the back to secure you in your seat. So when I opened the door and the belt went up around my neck and when I closed the door it came back.

It had no slack in it so I was setting with a green light, being chocked, pulled back tight again the seat, not allowing me to reach the door handle. That was the only way to release the belt.

Kenny could tell something was wrong, me flailing around, sitting through a green light. He thought I was having a heart attack.

Finally I stretch farther than I should have been capable of and with my finger tip opened the door.

With disaster averted I continued on to the restaurant and night of laughing over the calamity that had just occurred.

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