Dink And The Jeep

Dink had fallen on hard times at some point in the early 80’s. He flew into Austin and caught a cab ride over to my office. He ask if I had a spare vehicle he could drive while he was in town on business. All I had sitting around was a 77 Jeep Cherokee Chief. It had pretty well been placed in retirement. It was the same one that I told about that Kenny and I made the epic journey across Texas in and it jumped time over in Lufkin.

He drove it a couple of days and stopped by the office and asked if I’d mind him going to see some folks in Louisiana in it. What the heck I thought. I could do that for an old buddy.

When I said yes, immediately he suggested if I had the title I may want to sign it over to him just in case those crazy Louisiana law men stopped him, they wouldn’t think he’d stolen it or something.

I said, how about I just sell it to you, Dink? We settled on a price and he said he would drop me the money in the mail as soon as something happened. There was always something fixin to happen. I signed the title over and he headed out.

The next time I saw that vehicle it had changed from a reddish color to black with some wild stripping down the sides and had beautiful white shag carpeting from one end to the other. I’m not sure that would have been my carpet color choice. He had put some hopped up Chevrolet engine in it. Boy did it rumble.

You know, that check never did arrive.

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