A Lincoln Town Car With Dual Tires And Wheels All The Way Around It was

Down south of Dallas at the town of Waxahachie, my friend Gerry and I would meet at the Colonial House Restaurant every morning. This one morning we got there at the same time.

As we were walking in we saw a really strange sight. A new Lincoln Continental Town Car was parked front and center. It looked like any other car of that make, except it was equipped with dual tires all the way around. The tires each were about half way in size between and car tire and a motorcycle tire. It was the strangest thing I’d seen in a while. We stood there discussing it for a bit, trying to figure out what the deal was.

I commented that the car “must” belong to my friend Dink. I had told Gerry a lot of Dink stories over the time we had been working together, but they had never met. I hadn’t seen Dink in a really long time. Maybe even 2 or 3 years. A few past business deals had gotten in between our friendship.

We walked in and sure enough there Dink was, sitting at a table drinking coffee. He was as surprised as I was to be meeting like that. We joined him and of course I asked what he was driving. The Lincoln of course. Dink liked driving Lincoln’s.

He told us all about the tires and how every car would soon be swapping over to that concept. Someone, a business associate in Oklahoma City had developed them and they were much safer on wet highway and since there were two completely independent tires, if one went flat or blew out, you’d still have another one to keep you going and safely at that.

As he told us about all the great virtues of this new invention. They had the ability to channel water between the tires, making it much safer on wet roads.

As part of his great talking points he said “damn Ron, think about this. If you put Madeline and those boys out on the highway on a trip and they got in a big rain storm or they ran over something and had a blow out and it killed the whole bunch, wouldn’t you feel horrible that you hadn’t spent $2,000 to equip her car with this new setup?”

I said “Dink, do you really think this is the sales tactic you need to go with?”

The sales pitch was almost to the point of him wanting to let me in on the biggest deal of his life. I guess he recalled how many of our past deals didn’t work out, so he changed the subject and we went on talking about something completely different.

I’m not sure what ever happened with that deal. I never saw any other vehicles equipped with those tires and wheels. I doubt that anyone made millions from it. Dink sure didn’t.

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