He Got On That Harley And They Rode Away

There were a couple of brothers sitting around visiting a few years ago. I’m not sure how or why it came up, but they were discussing a fellow contractor with whom they had know most of their lives.

The younger brother said “did you hear about Ol Dan (not his actual name). I’m not sure his company will be around much longer. It seems he’s gone middle crazy. He bought a new Harley and left his wife. Last time the guys at his shop saw him he was headed out west on that motorcycle with a large breasted blond on behind him.

The younger brother forget all about that story. The older brother hadn’t forgotten it.

A few months later at an equipment auction he ran across Dan and blurted out “how’s life with you and the big titted blond traveling the country on your Harley”.

Dan was so totally confounded he could hardly speak. Immediately the older brother sensed that perhaps he had his wires crossed. They finally sorted it all out.

You wouldn’t believe the tongue lashing I got when he got back to his pickup.

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