The Big RL Is Climbing Up On His Soapbox Once Again

I don’t want to sound preachy and I’m not trying to guilt anyone into anything. It has been a long while since I brought this up.

You say “what is it that this old fool is talking about”?

It has to do with Facebook Etiquette. It doesn’t only apply to The Angora Chronicles, it pretty well goes across all groups, pages and people personal walls. When you take the time to read something, simply go up there and tap one of the icon showing what your feeling for that post is.

By hitting LIKE or ❤️ or even the one that looks mad, you are signaling the person that put the post on that you acknowledge them.

When someone says something to you in person, do you look at them and turn away without showing an emotion? Or do you say something, or give them a wink or a nod. Maybe a smile or a thumbs up.

I understand some people are shy and don’t want people to know they are on FaceBook. It’s just Facebook. It’s not like you are looking at porn sites and not wanting people to know what you are doing. The only way people know or care what you are doing, are perusing FB just like you.

If you show up at a concert or a comedy club and sit there all night not giving back a little of you, how does that comedian or singer know that you want them to come back again.

Of course no one expects you to be phony and clap if you don’t enjoy something, but why do you keep coming back for more. Whether a person is attempting to entertain you with stories or sing to you they only know whether to keep it up is by the audience reaction.

As for The Angora Chronicles, it most likely has run its course. Almost seven years is a long time. I’m just about out of stories and going back and recycling some are about all I have. Every once in awhile something amusing happens to write about, but even that is slowing down.

The reason I know that there are a lot of “lurkers” out there, is when a picture of a baby goat or a puppy is posted, there is plenty of reaction.

Please be honest. I won’t get my feelings hurt. I have accomplished what I set out to do and that was to write a bunch of my memories down, and it has been fun sharing those stories.

So where do we need to go with this thing we call The Angora Chronicles? I just don’t want to play to an empty house.

6 thoughts on “The Big RL Is Climbing Up On His Soapbox Once Again

  1. You have done well. I have learned much from your stories in the couple of years I’ve followed the blog. I enjoy your voice.

    As for people not indicating that they’ve “attended your event”, I’m there, too. WordPress’s “statistics” thing will show me how many people looked at a piece (from 2 to 6 on most days) but nothing closer than that. It will also tell me from where they looked. I’m always excited when it’s someone from Spain, Samoa or South Africa. Makes me feel downright international. But even then, I get few rounds of applause.

    Maybe that’s fitting. I’m Presbyterian clergy, and my folks don’t applaud.

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  2. I love all your stories! Especially about Smithwick! I love it that you repeat stories too!
    Thank you for keeping this going!

    Wish more of the really old timers – like the McGlish brothers were still around to tell their stories. I got to meet them and hear about living in the old log cabin that has since been restored and is on Canyon Ranch.

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  3. I enjoy your posts! I am not on FB as much. I love history and many of your stories tell a lot of the history of our local areas. I do not like making negative comments so there are times when I will not comment on some of the people that have been the focus of attention.

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