The Day The Wrecks Almost Never Stopped

The Friday before Deer Season started in 1967, the town of Marble Falls was swarming with deer hunters. In front of the little Chamber Building – Kenny, my brother, driving a small white Oldsmobile car, with Karen Schaefer sitting much too close (I’m sure) to him in the middle pulled out of the Gulf Station directly in front of a businessman from Houston, that was coming to hunt. He was in a brand new Oldsmobile 98 Sedan. Both cars were totaled. Luckily no one was seriously injured.

That set off a chain of wrecks that day for the Lewis family. Almost simultaneously, one of our dump truck drivers ran a stop sign over by the Country Store and destroyed the other car. The truck wasn’t badly damaged. That driver then got in a company pickup and headed to Carlisle Wall’s, the Justice of the Peace, to try to get out of paying a ticket for the wreck (being very proactive – because I believe he was on probation). He then he ran another stop sign right there at the Wall’s house / JP Office. That led only to a minor fender bender.

My Dad, Cecil was in Smithwick when he got the call about Kenny and Karen, jumped in a pickup and headed to town at a high rate of speed and missed the curve at Camp Creek and wiped the whole right side of the pickup out, but was able to hobble on to town.

I can’t even imagine what the insurance company thought when all those claims came rolling in.

This was the little rock building that was the Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks to Ivan Sheppard for having all these photos of our little town.

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